Consumer World: Women around 40, middle & upper class, know that healthy eating makes them feel better, but they won’t give up taste or convenience for health benefits.

They want to take care of themselves without too much hassle and effort, and prefer to ‘keep it simple’. But they love cheese! They eat it every day, and they don’t want to focus on fat content; cheese is about enjoyment.

Brand World: Milner is The Netherlands’ favourite brand of cheese yet it is actually a lower fat product. This unusual situation exists because the product is exceptional, with numerous ‘best-tasting’ awards to its name.

Like all brands in daily purchase, high volume markets, Milner’s share has been under pressure from Private Label and discounter brands, so the brand team developed a relaunch strategy to recapture the boldness of the brand’s heritage.

This is best summarised as an attitude described in Dutch as ‘pittig’, a word that applies both to taste and to people. In this context a good translation is ‘bold’ or full of vigour.

Connection: The characteristic curved packaging and in-mould labelling for slices and wedges has its critics, but it really distinguishes Milner on shelf. We used its unique form to create a bold brand mark written vertically and simulating being embossed in the cheese.

Bold coding colours clearly indicate the cheese maturity level or recipe, which consumers value to quickly identify their favourite.

Behind the cheese counter the wheel acts as a brand icon, so here we kept it simple and bold, with the logo ‘embossed’ in the orange rind.

Success: Godert Zijlstra, International Marketing Director: ‘This was a complex international project with multiple stakeholders and plenty of discussion stimulated by the packaging and communication creative work.

Throughout this process it was really helpful to have such an experienced and responsive agency on board, who always reacted quickly but strategically to the challenges we presented them with.

The final design was warmly welcomed in the Dutch consumer tests, and offers us significantly improved shelf appeal. We are confident that it will contribute strongly to our growth ambitions for Milner.’