Brand World:

Meat snacks (which includes semi-fresh staples such as sausage rolls) are consumed by 96% of UK consumers, but when it comes to well-known brands you can probably count them on one hand. Peperami is the creator and dominant brand-leader of hand-held meat snacks, with very high prompted awareness and recognition of its signature green and black pack and ‘bit of an animal’ mascot. The whole market has been given a boost by the publicity around protein and satiety, so time for Peperami to reassert its shelf presence (with new SRPs that support vertical merchandising), and also to bring innovation to the market.

Consumer Connection:

Research showed that making the brand appear more crafted stretched credibility, whilst over-exposing the animal mascot risked polarising towards kids. Packaging recognition was very high, so the solution subtly enhances the distinctive assets by removing pointless print effects and creating a ‘wall of green’ through the SRPs. For the new Beef protein range a new character was created to clearly differentiate this sub-range, whilst the original mascot subtly promotes meat quality.


Pav Chandra, Marketing Manager: Osborne Pike met our needs for this project across the board: from a firm grasp of Peperami’s brand strengths to creation of a disciplined brand design system with room for innovation. They also guided a complex artwork process to ensure a consistent and high-quality result, and the whole thing came in on time and on budget. A highly professional result and process.