Consumer World: Tea enjoys an extremely diverse consumer world. It is central to many people’s lives, even if the preferred tea types and rituals vary across countries and cultures. Tea wakes us up in the morning, helps us to sleep, to digest, to relax, to contemplate our lives and to put things in perspective. It is part of our social rituals, welcoming friends, family and new acquaintances into our lives, and stimulating the sharing of ideas, challenges and plans for the future. Quite a product!

Brand World: Pickwick is the long-standing brand leader in The Netherlands’ tea market and holds a strong position in several other European markets.

Formerly marketed under the Douwe Egberts brand, the name was created in 1937 when the then Chairman’s wife decided that tea needed its own distinctive image. A fan of Charles Dickens, she took the name from his novel ‘The Pickwick Papers’ and the rest, as they say, is history.

Competitors vary per country but include Lipton, Twinings, Dilmah, Teekanne and of course Private Label. The dominant trends driving the market in recent years are well-being and the search for new tastes and experiences, resulting in growth in green and herbal blends as well as premium ingredient-led formats.

Connection: A bold, but also natural and light-hearted new leaf logo. New flip-top box using an organic curve to harmonise with the logo, but maintaining the focus on its primary function: easy opening and an elegant presentation of the envelopes inside.

In tea the visuals are key to evoking the right tone and mood, which varies markedly between traditional black, healthier green and herbals, and tasty fruit-flavoured. This diversity, part of the charm of tea, is gently synergised in a design ‘grid’ with consistent layout rules. As with the teas inside the teabags, this involves creating sufficient room for individual expression of each blend.

Success: Annerie Brenninkmeijer, International Marketing Director: ‘OP offer the smarts and quality of a big design agency, combined with the directcontact and flexibility of a small company. With a touch of humour and dedication to results, they have rejuvenated our tea brand and created award winning packaging.’