Consumer world: The bathroom essentials: soap, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo; bought together, but driven by widely different needs and motivations: Effective and trusted problem-solving, decorative feel-good factor, fashion accessory, stock-up for less.

Brand world: colourful, competitive shelf bursting with tempting fragrances, innovations and offers. Radox is the original brand in bath & shower, going back nearly 100 years to a time when adults actually used that big white tub in the bathroom.

Connection: in a word: Herbalist. The brand’s original expertise and still potentially differentiating and value-adding. New, ‘apothecary’ style bottle for core bath range, and label designs presenting the ingredients as both active and purposeful.

Success: Kerry Owens, Marketing Manager: ‘Osborne Pike’s approach included a smart strategic analysis of the potential visual language, and the segmentation that Radox could adopt within our ‘herbal expert’ positioning. Consumers responded enthusiastically to the final designs, which captured clearly the emotional benefit of each ingredient cluster.’