Consumer World: Having become used to cooking and dressing with olive oil, consumers are turning attention to other natural seed oils. Deep-frying is a regular but highly managed meal occasion where product performance is key. However, oil is seen as a more natural and healthier alternative to frying fats.

Brand World: Frying Oils is a commoditized area of the supermarket with little brand presence, crying out for added value propositions. Reddy had limited distribution and awareness but was known for sunflower oil, hence seen as a potential brand champion of a re-emerging sector.

Connection: A striking bottle with a pure form that maximises the appeal of the golden liquid. A simple yet multi-layered label design that evokes the radiant translucence of the sun shining through petals, and provides reference to the advertising brand story: ‘the power of the sun.’ Generous opening for easy pouring and recycling.

Success: Annemieke Boering, Marketing Manager: ‘We needed to develop breakthrough packaging to shake up the commodity language of sunflower oils and we’ve certainly achieved that. Timing was very tight and we have been very impressed with the technical knowledge and support of the OP/Studio Davis team in hitting our deadlines.

 Sales and distribution are building well ahead of our support package in Spring 2014, and we have high expectations of our newly renovated Reddy brand.’