Sauza XA

Consumer World: Premium spirits connoisseurs are looking for new taste experiences as well as new stories to tell themselves and their peers.

Brand World: Extra-aged ‘sipping’ tequilas offer the craft and authenticity of a respected tradition, but also a frontier spirit not readily available to traditional whiskies and cognacs. Sauza has ‘founding father’ status and three generations of family ownership behind its new ‘Casa Sauza’ house of brands, amongst which this new spirit will become the flagship.

Connection: ‘XA’, A strikingly original premium package featuring a tapered bottle in the cognac style. The weighty stopper attached to the bottle shoulders by leather straps creates a moment of anticipation and a pouring ritual to remember.

Success: Eileen Bravmann, Senior Innovation Manager, Beam Global: ‘This limited edition, flagship expression of the Casa Sauza brand really got the press and blogosphere talking about the company raising its game at this end of the market.’