Consumer World: Everyday social occasions with family and friends (girls night in, Sunday lunch, barbecue, wedding shower, etc) call for a bit of grown-up sparkle though not necessarily alcohol-based.

Brand World: The pioneer brand in adult soft drinks, its less sweet and gently sparkling recipe based on grape juice. Seeking to reduce sales spikes at festive periods by expanding drinking occasions.

Connection: Highly appetising on shelf through transparent label. Easy recognition through bottle shape and quirky name. Bold vertical presentation of branding next to key visual of sparkling fruit evokes an uplifting mood.

Success: Amanda Grabham, Head of Marketing SHS Drinks: ‘Since this redesign Shloer has grown consistently year on year, averaging over 10%. Innovations have been especially successful with the ‘punch’ line attracting over 600,000 new consumers to the brand, as well as helping to balance seasonality.’