Consumer World: Juice loving families who aren’t tempted by the fancy prices of ‘badge’ brands in a staple category. However they are looking for top quality, pure and simple, natural and tasty products at an affordable price.

Brand World: Sunmagic is an entrepreneurial challenger brand, with a business focus on the Independent and Wholesale channels.  It’s constantly trend-spotting and quick to develop new concepts and products for customers.

Connection: Having created the brand’s new identity based on a ‘beach shack’ vibe 4 years ago, we’ve been (very) busy helping Sunmagic to constantly stretch its horizons. In this quest we must take our hats off to Dave Cox, who has grown up on this project and now masterminds the brand’s innovation challenges with dizzying speed and clarity. In between designing 5 new ranges this year, he also knocks up cool stuff for ads, promotions and social media.

Success: Razin Ali, Senior Brand Manager: ‘Sunmagic was completely re-invented with OP’s redesign and this allowed the brand to confidently build distribution and its product portfolio. Our innovative approach and speed to market has seen impressive growth for Sunmagic, to a value of £23 million and counting.