Van den Berg

Consumer world: Younger people who are looking for a new, more ‘real’ and informed relationship with what they eat and drink; a growing distrust of big corporations and established brands and therefore an attraction to more tangible, smaller companies who have a real passion for their products.

Brand World: Popping up like dandelions on a summer lawn, new brands and rediscovered favourites from real people, using simple/natural/fewer ingredients to make small batch, traditionally crafted food and drink. The challenge is not to disappear in the sea of craft signals!

Connection: Pure and simple brand mark which honours the invention of this 4th generation baking family, (the only) Krakeling made with live yeast. A brand style that blends traditional and modernist elements to create a sense of high quality, freshly baked, natural products.

Success: Peter van den Berg, Owner: ‘We’ve created a highly successful private label business thanks to an innovative approach to NPD and intrinsic product quality. We wanted to capture this with a new brand, to help us with international expansion. Osborne Pike combined a clear understanding of Dutch food culture with an efficient and creative approach. They helped us get from a first meeting to the new launch at London’s IFE within 10 weeks!’

Van den Berg d

Two generations of Van den Berg

Old picture from Van den Berg in a car

Peter Van den Berg and David Pike at IFF