Consumer World: Working mums who see themselves as the ‘hub’ of family life, always multi-tasking and providing the energy to make it all work as smoothly as possible. Looking for products that offer a moment to recharge the batteries and take care of themselves.

Brand World: Crackers are divided into lighter, low calorie options and more filling, nutritionally balanced bread replacers. Both are used as a carrier for savoury and sweet toppings, mainly at breakfast or lunch.

Connection: The logo is packed with dynamic energy, using animated letterforms and an orange/red palette with a brilliant morning glow. The vivid green background provides high impact on shelf and shows off the simple but appetising cracker images.

Success: Lydia Thomas, Marketing Manager: ‘This project was a strategic relaunch of a brand based on new consumer insight. We invited Osborne Pike into the positioning process and this proved instrumental in reaching a strong and differentiating brand identity for Vitalu. This has made the brand proposition clear and grown our penetration by attracting the new users the brand was looking for’.