Yanga Sports Water

Consumer World: Health and fitness continues to be a consumer priority and so membership of Gyms and Sports Clubs is rising. This has been helped by the trend towards more affordable or flexible memberships from ‘budget’ clubs. Staying hydrated is seen as important, so consumers either bring their own bottles of water or buy something from a vending machine. Water can be seen as bland and boring, but often the more interesting and flavourful drinks on offer aren’t the healthiest. Flavoured water is a popular middle ground – a simple way of keeping healthy whilst not compromising on taste.

Brand World: Health and sports clubs often provide vending machines full of well known energy or isotonic drinks brands, but it’s not clear for the majority of consumers what their benefits are. They are also seen as expensive and wasteful for a one-use container. Yanga Sports Water was founded by two entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. They saw the opportunity for a ‘plumbed in’ machine dispensing flavoured water, offering simple hydration and great taste. Key to its success to date is the business model – consumers pay a subscription supplement and all transactions are completely digital. The challenge was to make the brand more visible and desirable.

Connection: Yanga now feels like one of the many ‘stations’ in the gym. The machine is the ‘Hydration Station’, with its offer of refreshing fruity water clearly signalled. The branding has been made more dynamic, both via the logo itself and its interplay with the graphic brand language: a ’slice’ device creates a sharp visual interface between imagery and text, or between two types of imagery.

Success: Arthur Huizer, Founder and joint owner: “We’ve grown as a result of the unique service we provide to our customers, but we realised that we needed to strengthen our branding and communication. Osborne Pike helped us to define our proposition and then evolved a brand identity and design executions to say just that. We’re confident that this will increase our penetration in existing clients, as well as helping us to acquire new ones.”