Oct 18, 2010

Consumer need? Anyone?

Whilst a drop might be a reasonably good brand shape, it tends to struggle when pressed into service as a brand character.

French brand Elle & Vire is better known for its culinary sauces, but this mysterious product seems to be aimed at kids, probably very young ones judging by the lack of any personality in this blob (of milk? yoghurt? yag, perhaps?)

My heart goes out to the designer given the task of creating separate blobby icons for ‘Vitamins’ (coloured balls), Proteins, (eh, surfboard), Calcium (phew, easy: a bone), and Iron (I give up, how about he just gives a thumbs up!)

Only one way to solve the mystery: I drank some. To me it’s watered‐down custard, a conclusion supported by the ingredient list. Marketing’s greatest moment it isn’t!