Jul 15, 2014

Don’t confuse pads with pods. Both are round.

Senseo from Douwe Egberts pre-dates the dawn of the pods, having invented pads. The company teamed up with Philips to create the first truly mass-market machine/coffee combination, but they’ve had ‘Senseo compatible’ competitors for many years already.

As a result Senseo does not use a lot of packaging real estate explaining the system any more, having symbolised the coffee pad with, er, a circular brand identity. This leaves the packaging design free to express some brand-specific coffee values, so I’m guessing from the chocolate-like script that they’ve gone for ‘sensual’? The new Lungo range introduces a centred band and a healthy dose of black, adding a lot more sophistication and Italian tastefulness.

Did someone say Nespresso is out of patent? Bring on Senseo Capsules Lungo, not on this shelf but coming to yours very soon.