Mar 10, 2015

Forget the fun

Whilst we’re on fruit let’s digress from snacks just briefly to explore another design language associated with health.

I often get these two brands mixed up, because (as far as I can tell) they have separately decided to use the same codes to stake their claim as the most serious, healthiest brand on the juice shelf. I have never seen them together before, and I have no idea why this store in Iceland sees the need to stock both.

What is the code? No fun. If you want that, go buy that photoshopped fantasy on the right. You people don’t deserve to be healthy. Healthy takes discipline, not fancy packaging. We chose the ugliest carton we could find to show you how serious we are. And we took the pictures ourselves.

To be fair these design codes are not quite identical. Healthy People tries to provide a human touch, but the power of the white stripe takes over and puts that thought firmly at the back of your mind. When you read the text both of these brands are quite friendly really, but if you shop in emotional System 1 mode (as we mostly do), then you won’t get that far.