Mar 10, 2015

Fresh from the farm

If there’s a theme emerging from the blog so far, it’s a trend towards natural ingredients with minimal processing. Of course the p-word is never seen on packaging -even fruit Yo-Yos are ‘gently baked’.

Milk and dairy products are already seen as intrinsically good and minimally processed, so they are well-placed to take advantage of our new obsession with healthier snacking. Paradoxically, having spent years trying to look more indulgent through colourful labels and gleaming fruit images, yoghurt is now re-discovering its inner farmer.

Holland’s Zuivelhoeve translates roughly as ‘Dairy farmstead’, and to make sure you got the message the product is called Farmer’s Yoghurt. Despite the cheap and generic plastic pot and even more plastic lid, the transparency and hand-drawn feel of the labels transports you to a place where life is simpler, fresher and naturally healthier.