May 20, 2011

Frubes or Choobs?

…or Suckerz or Squeez’mees, but whatever you do don’t call them yoghurt tubes or no self‐respecting kid will want to be seen with them in the playground.

For younger consumers (4‐6) any kind of cartoon looks kinda cool and kinda cute. Older kids and tweens require characters who are edgier, giving you a slightly menacing grin as you tear off the top of their heads and squeeze out their fruit‐flavoured insides.

Frubes (full title: Yoplait Petits Filous Frubes) have cleverly covered off both self‐made characters and licensed ones; with the latter you get two bites of the cherry, so to speak, when the film, and later the DVD, are released. Having eaten my way through the cast and crew of Shrek Forever After (all in Far Far Away Strawberry flavour), I couldn’t help wondering if I’d have enjoyed Shrek himself more in a nice green colour and swamp-flavoured. On the back of pack I also got a nice cut-out‐and‐keep door hanger with the message: Keep Out or Hear my Roar! ‐ which comes in handy at home.

So much entertainment in one small box; and I nearly forgot: some pretty healthy food.