Mar 10, 2015

Plainly not guilty

Marks & Spencer know a thing or two about indulgence. Shopping for food there has always been about treating yourself just a little, with everything in store just a little bit more expensive, but sometimes a lot nicer.

So don’t expect to see anything but enjoyment expressed in even the most responsible of snacks. This ‘guilt-free snacking’ range (note the light touch of lower case script in a fluffy cloud) ticks all the right boxes of pleasure and fun.

I am a big fan of mixing illustration with photography, even though it’s been done a lot. Just look at the power of that cartoon grabbing hand to say: ‘Go on!’ The sketched bowls add a further signal of lightness.

The bold yet natural colours have a lot of taste appeal, and here the use of matt foil excels in a number of ways: It’s silky to the touch in a way that shiny foil can’t deliver, and seems to evoke a drier (less oily) product inside. It feel more substantial and it’s just a little more unexpected when it opens to reveal the mirror-like shine of the aluminium inside. Crunch away!