May 20, 2011

Play with your food

We all know the rational argument: ‘A healthy intake of Calcium is important at all stages of life, but it’s especially good for kids. Eating a piece of cheese each day as a snack or meal is one of the easiest ways to get your recommended daily amount (RDA).’

But the RDA that interests kids is not Calcium but the one called ‘play’, and the ideal quantity is ‘no limit’.

Brilliantly marrying these two needs, the invention of a cheese stick that kids can play with is a true win‐win. But how to tell the story best?

Here are two excellent examples: Kraft’s dairylea is more Mum‐focused with its evocation of sunny meadows, but the suitably ‘mad’ cow provides just enough fun.

Cheesestrings goes further, defining the category with ‘say what you see’ characters and a unique colour code. Also important in my view is the remarkable economy of words on the front face. All good clean fun.