Designing for System 1 - Woman choosing a product

People have better things to do than think about your brand

Marketing’s job is to change that, but with so much competition and choice out there, this is a huge challenge.

When we ask people how they make their choices so that we can better meet their needs, they reply from the rational ‘System 2’ part of the brain. This isn’t much help because System 2 was barely involved in that decision.

Instead we need to design brands for System 1*, the automatic, intuitive, ‘unthinking’ part of the brain that makes most of our decisions for us. It is driven by desire or aversion, deep programs from human evolution that know what’s good for us, and what’s not.

The art of brand design is to re-create the right signals in the right context. Instead of sharp rocks, fruit-laden trees or an attractive face-pigment, we offer curvaceous containers, trustworthy typefaces and photographed feasts.

Crafting the right signals for your brand calls for insight, analysis and a deeply meaningful creative connection. And that’s what we’re here to deliver.