Oct 4, 2010

Streetwisdom re-discovered

When Tango first found its story in the early 90′s, it was a cause for celebration because suddenly there was actually something to say about a non-Cola carbonate. Coke vs Pepsi is one of the archetypal battles between the establishment and the challenger, but until Tango re-invented itself orange carbonates only really had Fanta, with its rather apologetic packaging that suggested it had once met an orange but had not actually engaged with it.

When new advertising and packaging showed us what it was like to be ‘tangoed’ we got the message, and flocked to the new coolest drink on the (tower) block.

After the hype faded Tango compromised its design language and limped along for years in the shadows of its rejuvenated American rival, but this latest design restores its grungy teen appeal. Spotting this half-full can on the pavement I laughed out loud at the irony of the perfect ‘product placement’.