Posted by Steve on Oct 13th 2014 in:

Osborne Pike Account Manager Ewa Semenowicz

…is our Account Manager whose impressive cv (which includes a first class degree in media, communication & culture) prompted us to give her two jobs.

Ewa also assists Steve with all aspects of marketing the OP brand: Spotting the trends, writing the blogs, booking the flights, composing the speeches. Wait a minute, I seem to have mixed up Steve and Ban Ki-moon. Anyway she’s a busy lady.

This challenging schedule has not stopped her from managing an eclectic mix of outside interests: Ewa is part of a small team of ‘Future Producers’ at the Watershed centre in Bristol, she is a vegan food blogger, and last year she was driven to compete in (and actually finish) the legendary Tough Mudder challenge.

To keep all of this in perspective she is a keen yogi, which is apparently what people who do yoga call themselves and nothing to do with cartoon bears.