Posted by Steve on Oct 13th 2014 in:

Osborne Pike Junior Designer Sam Longstaff

…is our latest recruit, having been snapped up by our talent spotters Leigh, Jim and Dave at Weston College’s year 3 exhibition.

We were drawn to two aspects of Sam’s work: Her editorial design for print and web, because we wanted someone to craft our first ever brochure; and her brand sense, expressed in her personal branding as ‘the design medic’, complete with red cross business cards and Brand-Aid plasters. All of this clearly impressed her Tutors too, as she graduated with a First Class degree three months ago.

Since joining OP she has immersed herself in the more restricted, three-dimensional space of packaging design, and she’s really enjoying the creative challenge of this new medium, as well as the opportunity to work on famous brands. The brochure will get finished though, honestly…

Sam is passionate about exploring new places and cultures, so before starting at OP she slipped in a 3 week road trip to America, where she acquired an instant love of the place, and a strange ‘Somerset meets California’ accent. In fact she’s so into travel that she recently bought a car on the spur of the moment. Nothing unusual about that, except that she doesn’t yet drive.

She also likes to visit places in the mind, spending many happy hours on You Tube amassing Vloggers’ tips on ‘Assassin’s Creed’ gameplay. What does that sentence even mean?