May 20, 2011

The face, arms and legs of chocolate cereals

Kids’ appetite for chocolate flavoured cereals continues to grow, to the point where Coco Pops is now an umbrella brand offering several product types (based on the shape of the choccie-flavoured extrusion). Mums will be pleased that the newer forms also come with ‘Choc Fibre Fun!’, which is a fascinating prospect when you think about it.

The brand’s baseball‐capped mascot Coco smiles from the box at XXXL size, making him bigger than some of his customers. The logo is almost the smallest thing on the pack, but the branding is total.

Nestlé have clearly joined in the character size war too, whereas Weetos have opted for plan B, characterising the product itself.

This feels slightly older because nobbly brown shapes with arms and legs aren’t that cute. The design promises a lot of action in the bowl, and I’m especially pleased to see that green slime colour coding on the Alien invaders. Come on Shrek, get your act together!