Oct 31, 2014

The golden triangle

I don’t know the proportion of global sales of Toblerone delivered by the Travel Retail channel, but with regular room-sized promotional campaigns it has to be significant.

This time it’s a special souvenir pack personalised to the city you’ve just visited, stacked high and wide in a glittering walk-through display of triangular gold graphics and forms. Only Smaug’s cave could outshine such an impressive display of bling.

Of course there’s also the obligatory bike/tulip/canal house, but no windmill, suggesting we’re targeting the urban city-break consumer.

But shouldn’t a Dutch chocolate manufacturer be doing this? Well maybe, but without the global scale of Mondelez this level of investment is probably out of reach. Toblerone might be originally chocolate from the Swiss mountains, but it’s better known as one of the globally-recognised currencies of Frequentflyerland.