May 20, 2011

The splattergun approach

So you’ve managed to persuade your kids to top up with Calcium and dietary fibre, now what else can you worry about? I know ‐ hydration!

We’ve long since had an army of low/no sugar soft drinks, but now kids have their own flavoured water brands too.

Mums have been drinking this stuff for years, though making water less boring by giving it a trace of flavour doesn’t seem to be quite as fashionable as it once was.

Whilst I don’t think these products can be as much fun to drink as the Tartrazine‐coloured fizzy pop I grew up with, at least the packaging adds some excitement.

Without a backwards‐facing baseball cap in sight, Fruit Shoot hydro manages to tell an all-action story of a rough and ready drink for your little tough guy. Girls, you take the panda with the yin‐yang tattoo…