Mar 10, 2015

There’s dairy in there somewhere

From the first moment that your Mum makes you drink milk when you’d really rather have fizzy pop, dairy is seen by kids as pretty boring. Determined not to be tarred with the same brush, cheese has reinvented itself for younger consumers by becoming something they can play with. The packaging has the challenge of signalling loads of fun to kids, whilst reassuring Mums that a cow was once involved in the creation of the product.

Dairylea opts for the textbook solution, with a charmingly illustrated meadow in which the cheese looks a lot like, well, cheese. Brand leader Cheesestrings takes a bolder approach with the go-to colour for standing out in a food category -purple -and a cartoon character representing the natural product that your child will soon be pulling to bits.

On closer inspection some rural scenes have been added for reassurance -the world is not quite ready for Urban Cheese, it seems.