Feb 27, 2013

Topically tropical

Apart from refreshment we’re all looking for a bit of a health boost from our food and drink nowadays, and luckily there’s no shortage of superfruits queuing up to offer both.

With functional water even trendier (because you can’t get enough hydration – we’re 99% water aren’t we?), what could be better than water you find inside something growing on trees? Several brands of Coconut water are already ‘big in America’, and now they are taking on the rest of the developed world (much of the developing world can drink it out of coconuts for free).

The great thing about a new ingredient is that you can use it to stand out from the category norms, by definition. Here we get a decent story about green coconuts and sticking a straw straight in the fruit, but it’s all a bit cartoon-like for that price, surely?