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2012 ‐ the highs and lows

London 2012 images composition

The image on Wolff Olins’ website gives us a vibrant picture of what their controversial ‘London 2012’ branding can deliver, when the full might of the identity system comes into play. I’m sure there’s an equally inspiring brand manual around, but someone forgot to give it to the people behind the posters, retail design and…

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Hairy Bikers. On a moped

The UK has a seemingly insatiable appetite for both celebrity chefs and big packs of posh crisps, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen the two obsessions combined. However I wonder if the consumer will see the connection at all, because the Hairy Biker ‘brand’ as seen on TV is a totally…

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Sch… you know why?

Schweppes original lemonade on shelf, range of products on a billboard for Christmas and water bottles packaging

One of the things that helps a great brand story is a name so outrageously daft that they couldn’t have made it up. Well, apart from Haagen Dazs, but that’s one of the few brilliant exceptions. Schweppes is so famous for fizzy grown‐up drinks that our client Shloer is often spelled ‘Schloer’ by consumers. The…

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Boxing clever

A 3 litre wine box comes with certain assumptions built‐in, foremost amongst these being that it’s for group consumption. It’s also more convenient and cheaper than 4 bottles, but as the host or hostess of the party how do you make sure that your selection reflects your good taste or zest for life, and not…

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Window shopping

Range of products using window on their packaging

The idea of letting your product show through a window in the packaging is a great temptation to producers and designers alike, provided it doesn’t affect shelf life and that the product ‘looks the part’. Stories that work with windows are usually about product pride or authenticity, but there’s always the risk of accidentally shouting…

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Clash of the friendly monsters

I’m quietly impressed with innocent’s continual fine‐tuning of its brand story to attract new consumers, including the holy grail of kids and their lunchboxes. Their wide‐eyed saintly blob is joined by the obligatory gang of fruity characters, whose online activities and choice of freebies strike a good balance between healthy fun and (buzzword approaching) edutainment.…

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It’s a wrap

I’ve just finished writing an article for Water Innovation magazine (page 43 if you’re interested), examining the different stories being told by water brands. Naturally my focus is on their packaging, but after analysing lots of really interesting bottle designs, my attention turned to the fact that the main design feature on the supermarket shelf is a…

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New York New Pack

In my opinion these are the best (pre-packaged) bagels you can get in the UK, so I’m speaking here as a consumer first and design pundit (some might say guru…) second. There’s no doubt that the redesign (the one on shelf) is technically ‘better’, with clearer product coding, neater typography and even a shinier plastic…

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