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Archive for April 2011

Metaphorically speaking

Pot Noodles packaging on shelf

One of our mantras at OP is that you can judge a book by its cover, but this example reminds me of an equally powerful principle: you can judge a story by its title. (Well, the story’s intent, if not its quality, but let’s not split hairs). In stories we all love a good metaphor,…

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Personal branding

Famous people are now widely considered to be brands, and by our definition that a brand is a story, no more, no less, that makes perfect sense. Jamie Oliver (the person, or bloke as he’s more accurately known) is fast becoming a very big brand, with his fingers in numerous pies (metaphorically speaking – there…

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Where is Cathedral City?

Cathedral city cheese among others on a supermarket shelf

According to Wikipedia (how’s that for a divisive opening statement?), Cathedral City is made in a place that has no cathedral, and is not even a city. Its rise and rise to become the dominant brand leader in the UK branded cheese market suggests that the story it tells is far more effective than the…

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Not getting emotional

New York, New York, so good they named it twice. This New York supermarket also features some double branding, but in this case I doubt anyone will write a song about it. The Keurig brand offers a selection of tea and coffee brands in a Nespresso-type cup format, for a popular in-home brewing machine. On-shelf…

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How much Special can you take?

Special K section on a supermarket shelf

When I was a kid Special K was famous for precisely ONE product, and to me its brand story was ‘nicer than Corn Flakes, but my mum says it’s too expensive’. In other words, an occasional treat. I do remember the advertising on TV and on-pack for the ‘Special K breakfast’: with low fat milk…

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OJ wars

Much excitement in the juice press (see what I did there..) about innocent by Coke’s new carafe packaging, which is genuinely appealing on the breakfast table. One-nil. It promises to be recyclable too, so Pepsi’s Tropicana Tetrapak had better raise its game soon. Two-nil. I don’t know whether innocent will phase out its Tetras or…

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‘Healthier’ chips prove hard to find

SunBites snacks old and new design

So you’re browsing the shelf for a few bags of snacks for the weekend. Like most people you’ll get the family favourites first, then there’s room in the trolley for something new and different, something that stands out and attracts you. Maybe something a bit healthier… Everything comes in bags of six, but what the…

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Guard rabbits

I thought Easter bunnies were really cute until I was faced with this rather forbidding display at the Co-op (Swiss version). That’s what I call an impressive off-shelf display (we’re talking every checkout!) Still, rabbits are often deceptive in their apparent cuteness, as King Arthur found out all too well.

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