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Archive for September 2014

How ‘craft’ design is changing packaging

Brouwerij 't IJ Beer Bottles on Shelf

In this ‘bite-size’ issue we explore just a couple of examples of the changing codes in packaging. It’s getting a lot more interesting, creative and crafted, led by a growing number of smaller producers who don’t have a big factory and even bigger shareholders. With packaging as their biggest marketing investment, many of these brands…

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Two ways packaging deals with noisy neighbours

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix and Choc+ at the supermarket

Here at the confectionery aisle there’s no shortage of tempting products and bright colours to catch your eye. And that’s part of the problem – sometimes all that colour just becomes a blur and nothing stands out. But not in this example: Cadbury’s Marvellous Mix-Ups is an extension of its highly successful Marvellous Creations chocolate…

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Is craft beer changing the codes of branding?

Five years ago I coined the term ‘the little guy’ to define an important shift in branding. Typified by innocent, this term referred to the phenomenon of brands who re-established the connection, severed perhaps a century ago, between producer and customer. Fuelled by the explosion of choice facilitated by the internet, and the explosion of…

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