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Archive for May 2015

Carta Blanca

Bacardi Old and New Packaging on Shelf

Most famous spirit brands have a long history and a complete archive of labels and bottles past. That makes it easy to research and bring back elements of an old favourite from an appropriate period. The challenge is to make it look not like a special nostalgia edition, but to emphasise the craftsmanship of those…

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Going with the grain

According to blog, Beschuit (Dutch rusk) has been around since the 1400’s, when it was reputed that the Bishop of Utrecht (no less) was a fan of this ‘twice-baked bread’. During the 1600’s, the city of Wormer made quite a name for itself with a refined form of beschuit, which compared favourably with its contemporary the…

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Can convenience be crafted?

Indian Food Crafted Packaging at Waitrose

If as I have suggested craft designs are trending because people are seeking a connection with a pre-industrial past, then it might be surprising to find them on something as modern as a ‘ding dinner’. In the UK we are the undisputed European champions of ready meal consumption, eating more than double the volume of…

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