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7 ways coffee packaging tells a story, but which one wins?

Don’t confuse pads with pods. Both are round.

Senseo from Douwe Egberts pre-dates the dawn of the pods, having invented pads. The company teamed up with Philips to create the first truly mass-market machine/coffee combination, but they’ve had ‘Senseo compatible’ competitors for many years already. As a result Senseo does not use a lot of packaging real estate explaining the system any more,…

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Back to black

Perhaps the French can help us with the emotional side of these sexy little capsules? Indeed they can, with both of these well-known names staying firmly on-brand by celebrating the allure of dressing in black. There’s still clear communication of a system (or as Carte Noire prefers, ‘Collection’), but here it’s about coffee type, strength…

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