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Bread, Cereals & Cakes

Simply more complicated

Dorset Cereals Granola on Shelf

I would definitely rank myself in the top 10 fans of the original Dorset Cereals packaging. It remains a shining exemplar of the amazing power of design to transform the codes of a market, and attract a large new group of buyers to a previously tired category. If you really want to know how design…

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Happy bread

Despite the high levels of chilled distribution in Singapore there’s clearly a need for products to remain fresh on ambient shelves too. This local bread proudly announces its Japanese ingredients and ‘Fresh Dot’ technology, which is a freshness indication provided by that turquoise tag inside. Reading that long list of benefits delivered in the first…

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Team players or every brand for itself?

Several Cereals Packages on Shelf

The cereal aisle is a busy place, the visual equivalent of Times Square mixed up with Piccadilly Circus on New Year’s Eve. For a Mum with kids, trying to decode this lot must hurt her eyes. But looking closer at this fixture in Nicosia, it’s clear that the two big players Kellogg’s and Nestlé have…

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Happy Days

At last, here’s what I came for, some unspoilt by progress, all-American nostalgia, served up by a badly drawn comic-book heroine. I could say that these packs fall between two stools – not quite charmingly original and individual nor maximising an old-school story with consistency and style; or are they simply revealing the innocence of…

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Trust, personified

Quaker Oat Porridge on Shelf

Great to see the very first packaged brand, launched by William Henry Crowell in 1860, still going strong. The portrait of the un-named gentleman has never looked better, hanging centrally over a very straightforward and restrained design system based on square colour blocks. If I’m being picky this information panel doesn’t feel very integrated and…

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Pure and simple charm

Whitworths range of sugar packages on shelf

Sugar was never sweeter than this. Can’t you just imagine the scene, the kids getting out the flour, sugar, eggs and cupcake holders for a fun family morning in the kitchen? A highly emotional benefit driven by brand packaging, and one of my favourites. OK, you can lick your fingers now.

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Bring on the mascot

Cereal bars for kids on shelf

Back in the days when all brands were made on TV and the biggest ones would be seen almost daily, it was possible to invest in some well-drawn characters and give them a bit of a story. A pretty simple story admittedly, in which their only activity was demonstrating the play value of the product…

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Kellogg’s classics

Whilst most of the UK (packaging included) is covered in bunting, Union Jacks and the Queen’s profile, it is encouraging to see Kellogg’s do something different to celebrate the Jubilee. As most modern day cereal brands try to out-do each other on shelf with vibrant colours, cool 3D character illustrations, giveaways and mixtures of foil,…

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Well stocked

Despite first impressions this store doesn’t only cater to seven-foot tall customers, but has an innovative approach to merchandising with an extra couple of shelves and a full-length display card on top of those. Apparently it’s easier to restock from the shelves above than shuffling stock around on trolleys. The top two rows also provide…

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Yes, there is icing on the cake!

In the last blog I commented on the lost opportunity to capitalise on the trendiness of cupcakes by UK home-baking packaging. Cupcakes are also hot here in Saudi, but as you can see the retailers are getting a bit more behind the idea. Not sure Betty’s packaging is quite living up to the full potential of…

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