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Condiments & Sauces

Taste the sea

A tough call this, because the story of Maldon sea salt is, in a literal sense, better on the old pack (pictured here on my recent holiday, probably the only time an English ingredient has ever been taken to France to improve the food…) However the new pack does a better branding job, so assuming…

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Wall of colour 2

Who owns the colour green for beer packaging? Is it: a) Heineken, b) Grolsch, c) Carlsberg or d) none of the above? Nobody ‘owns’ colours (even Cadbury has lost court cases), but it can pay to adopt a monolithic brand colour policy from the start, and then do everything you can to reinforce it. In…

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Personal branding

Famous people are now widely considered to be brands, and by our definition that a brand is a story, no more, no less, that makes perfect sense. Jamie Oliver (the person, or bloke as he’s more accurately known) is fast becoming a very big brand, with his fingers in numerous pies (metaphorically speaking – there…

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Pick ‘n’ Mix

An interesting blend of great-looking (and smelling) produce with completely soulless displays. Shopping for olives and spices at the Souk is a far more rewarding experience, but it does come with authentic flies as well.

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Sauce bottles on shelf

When restaurant or celebrity Chef brands start competing in the supermarket, it casts an interesting shadow over the provenance of the other brands. Food from a factory, anyone? Or would Madam prefer something from our kitchen? Interestingly this problem doesn’t apply to brands that are seen in restaurants, so Kikkoman looks even more authentic in this…

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Pigoenhole me

Savora sauce bottle

We’ve all had a go at the ‘ye olde spice rack’ concept at some point, but what makes this design a very satisfying example is that the brand name and recipe description join in the game and so make the story feel integral, not mere decoration. The endorsing brand (Amora) occupies a square at the…

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Recession design

Calvé and Ragu sauce bottles on shelf

Sad to see it’s time to say goodbye to the delightfully wacky Ragu jar made from stacked tomatoes. It’s done some sterling work, but with the premium end of pasta sauces overrun with celebrity chef recipes, the brand has clearly decided to go all basic and value for money, taking the prize for the biggest…

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Category Captain

Thanks to Wouter for giving me the headline, referring to the responsibility of brand leaders to help their customers sell more stuff, including Private Label. Consumer insight, leading to accurate segmentation and innovation (in both product and packaging) is the key; so when the most interesting stuff on shelf is from Private Label (like these…

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