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Confectionery & Chocolate

The future of sweets & snacks?

3D printed food, seen at ISM Cologne

On Monday I paid a visit to the ISM, Europe’s biggest trade fair for sweets, chocolate and snacks. Though still majoring on candy, chocolate and ‘fine bakery’ products, ISM’s marketing noted that it had ‘expanded its offer to include current nutrition trends in the snacks sector and further products for in-between snacking enjoyment’. These included fruit &…

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The golden triangle

Toblerone's airport display with Amsterdam canal houses shape

I don’t know the proportion of global sales of Toblerone delivered by the Travel Retail channel, but with regular room-sized promotional campaigns it has to be significant. This time it’s a special souvenir pack personalised to the city you’ve just visited, stacked high and wide in a glittering walk-through display of triangular gold graphics and…

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Two ways packaging deals with noisy neighbours

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix and Choc+ at the supermarket

Here at the confectionery aisle there’s no shortage of tempting products and bright colours to catch your eye. And that’s part of the problem – sometimes all that colour just becomes a blur and nothing stands out. But not in this example: Cadbury’s Marvellous Mix-Ups is an extension of its highly successful Marvellous Creations chocolate…

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…and by the sack-load

Several Chocolate Tablets brands on shelf

Wholefoods has an extensive collection of tasteful and ethically sourced chocolate brands, to the extent that it uses other supermarkets’ niche brands (like Green & Blacks and Divine) as its mainstream offer. Amongst the collection of fair-traded, eco-friendly, all-natural choices, this freshly redesigned pack charmed its way into my basket. I’d be astonished if it…

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Happy Days

At last, here’s what I came for, some unspoilt by progress, all-American nostalgia, served up by a badly drawn comic-book heroine. I could say that these packs fall between two stools – not quite charmingly original and individual nor maximising an old-school story with consistency and style; or are they simply revealing the innocence of…

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Finger on the pulse

Kit Kat Chocolate Snacks on Shelf

Nestlé sure know how to milk their assets, especially their milk chocolate ones. The unique product structure and mouthfeel of the four-fingered chocolate covered wafer had made Kit-Kat the UK’s favourite countline bar long before they acquired the brand. But after a few false starts, they’ve now got a firm handle on the design strategy…

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See what you saw

Toffifee Candy Package

This pack is quite literally the end frame of the TV advertising – it’s like there’s a tray of miniature TV sets on the shelf. Of course the unique product form and manufacturing story support this synergy, but I reckon some well-planned extensions could also take advantage. By now Nestlé would probably have 10 size,…

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Gold, silver, chocolate

Cardbury Chocolate gold medal

Cadbury’s have gone the extra mile with its Olympic product and promotional activity, but one pack in particular stood out for me. When Cadbury’s Dairy Milk gave away a chocolate gold medal with a red, white and blue ribbon with their Easter egg earlier in the year it was a real winner, adding value in…

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Meet the mascots

Cardbury Olympic Games 2012 Special Edition

As a big chocolate fan I was pleased to see Cadbury as the official ‘treat sponsor’ for London 2012. The brand has used its sponsorship to bring out a number of different limited edition chocolate bars over a longer period than most, launching promotions such as ‘spots v stripes’ and ‘big race’ in 2011. A…

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Chocolate arms race

Appetite appeal is an important part of shelf impact, as we’ve all experienced when shopping whilst hungry. The design of chocolate packaging almost invariably comes with some sort of brown whirlpool that whisks the drooling consumer off to some fantasy where they are bathing in the stuff. Say. But when every product on the shelf…

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