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Crisps, Snacks & Nuts

The future of sweets & snacks?

3D printed food, seen at ISM Cologne

On Monday I paid a visit to the ISM, Europe’s biggest trade fair for sweets, chocolate and snacks. Though still majoring on candy, chocolate and ‘fine bakery’ products, ISM’s marketing noted that it had ‘expanded its offer to include current nutrition trends in the snacks sector and further products for in-between snacking enjoyment’. These included fruit &…

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Trust me, I’m a Doctor

Dried Fruit and nuts on Shelf

Who said authority figures were dead? Clearly not here, where the world of medicine is evoked to claim some very high ground indeed. The original packaging looked very stern and severe and might as well have used a stethoscope as its brand symbol; but a 2012 redesign introduced the more approachable (and meaning-rich) apple symbol,…

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Sackfuls of credibility

Walkers Chips on Shelf

The world of snacks is hard to imagine without one of its original founders, the small bag of potato crisps (or chips to the rest of the world). Pepsico’s Walkers (Lay’s to the rest of the world) is the Coca-Cola of snacks, aiming for ‘omnipresence’ and prepared to innovate in every channel to get it.…

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Plainly not guilty

Marks & Spencer Healthy Snacks on Shelf - Trust me I'm Healthy Issue

Marks & Spencer know a thing or two about indulgence. Shopping for food there has always been about treating yourself just a little, with everything in store just a little bit more expensive, but sometimes a lot nicer. So don’t expect to see anything but enjoyment expressed in even the most responsible of snacks. This…

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Urban myths

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away. Even the Food Doctor, perhaps. But in these new skeptical times, how healthy is fruit anyway? Well, according to the proudly-named, fruits (in their natural, solid forms) are genuinely good for us, and can also help with weight management because of their high satiety index: ‘Because…

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Fruit made fun

Fruit Snacks on Shelf - Trust me I'm Healthy Issue

Here’s a target group that has permission, even a need, to snack: Kids. Mums (and 1% of Dads) fret a lot about finding the right kind of snacks to allow into the lunchbox. But after the 15th returned bag of apple slices, they tend to give up and look for something else ‘less bad’ than…

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There’s dairy in there somewhere

Cheese Snacks on Shelf - Trust me I'm healthy Issue

From the first moment that your Mum makes you drink milk when you’d really rather have fizzy pop, dairy is seen by kids as pretty boring. Determined not to be tarred with the same brush, cheese has reinvented itself for younger consumers by becoming something they can play with. The packaging has the challenge of…

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The next Big thing

Dried Seaweed Snacks on Shelf - Trust me, I'm healthy Issue

A firm favourite in South East Asia and now getting shelf space in many European supermarkets, say hello to dried seaweed. This could become the new Sushi, as it offers a wholly different eating experience with plenty of health credibility. In Vietnam where I took this picture it’s clearly aimed at kids, who love nothing…

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Warburtons Escapes Crackers on Display

Edouard Manet famously included bottles of Bass Ale in his 1882 work ‘Un bar aux Folies Bergère’. An early example of product placement perhaps, but more likely the artist’s (or bar owner’s) attempt to express something deeper, through the Englishness that this artefact connotes. Back in the supermarket gallery there is a wonderful variety of…

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Smart essentials

Dried Fruit Snacks

These private label packs caught my eye for several reasons, not least for the name of the store. Cold Storage doesn’t specialise in chilled or frozen goods, yet the name does have a certain ring of quality that I suspect is magnified when English is your second (or third) language. The packs also do better…

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