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Dairy products

Are brands re-discovering ‘visual authenticity?’

Nordur Salt Crafted Packaging

I’ve written frequently on the subject of so-called ‘craft’ brands springing up everywhere. According to packaging design website The Dieline, such brands are harnessing a trend towards ‘visual authenticity’ in their design language. The Dieline’s founder Andrew Gibbs coined this term recently and defined it as: ‘a real, trusted, human connection to the products and…

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Fresh from the farm

Healthy Yoghurt on the Netherlands Supermarket Shelf - Trust me I'm healthy Issue

If there’s a theme emerging from the blog so far, it’s a trend towards natural ingredients with minimal processing. Of course the p-word is never seen on packaging -even fruit Yo-Yos are ‘gently baked’. Milk and dairy products are already seen as intrinsically good and minimally processed, so they are well-placed to take advantage of…

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There’s dairy in there somewhere

Cheese Snacks on Shelf - Trust me I'm healthy Issue

From the first moment that your Mum makes you drink milk when you’d really rather have fizzy pop, dairy is seen by kids as pretty boring. Determined not to be tarred with the same brush, cheese has reinvented itself for younger consumers by becoming something they can play with. The packaging has the challenge of…

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It’s frothy, man!

Nescafe Sachets Packaging on Shelf

In a previous blog I was quite scathing about the undifferentiated mass of big foam shots in this category of instant coffee shop favourites. But one glance at this new design convinced me that Nescafé identified the problem and now own this shelf. Although the spoon of shaving (I mean coffee) foam is superbly executed…

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Alpine pristine

Place is a common metaphor in branding, because you can say a lot about a brand or product by simply stating where it comes from. Not only do places offer a rich source of imagery, they can also represent an attitude to life that people aspire to. The top of a snow-capped mountain is a…

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Black power

Black pasta packs on shelf and Yoghurt container with black details

During a recent Private Label analysis I was impressed by the number of ways that the Tesco ‘finest’ brand has found to use the colour black. Hundreds of items in diverse categories throughout the store managed to declare their superior quality. In this way it’s easy for the shopper to identify the store’s premium offer,…

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Emotion by the bucket-load…

Ooh, hasn’t the yoghurt fixture got a lot more tempting lately? Suddenly everyone and his wife wants to indulge in thick, creamy Greek (or Greek-style, as my lawyers have advised me to say) yoghurts. Rachel’s has a full range of Greek Style just out of picture, but I’d like to focus on two newer arrivals…

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The sweet taste of freedom

Dutch brand Mona desserts on shelf in a Dutch supermarket

Like the vast majority of brands in the world Mona used to have a ‘holding device’ for a logo, which makes it hard to express emotions like fun or joy, or that one you feel when someone puts a monster-sized pudding in front of you. But with its letters released to dance in a field…

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Odd shape for a cow

Cimory Drinkable Yogurt on a Supermarket Shelf

No shortage of black-splodges on milk packs throughout the world of course, but this one caught my eye for a different reason: The shrink-sleeve graduates beautifully to a flavourful pastel colour that really gets the taste-buds going. In the hand the square bottle with an embossed square near the base is a bit odd, but…

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Badly drawn sheep competition

Cheese in a Greek Supermarket

We’re all used to packaging carefully designed to imply a small producer without the resources or interest to employ ‘professional’ packaging design. But here on the yoghurt fixture it’s real, not just implication. The question is how real can you handle your authenticity, when that might mean the cheapest, ugliest plastic bucket or industrial container?…

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