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Frozen food

To infinity and beyond

Magnum’s advertising established the ‘chocolate so crisp and thick that it falls off in great chunks as you bite it’ key visual, but this works best with a beautiful model attached. At the same time there are a lot of branded and Private Label copies out there, so the brand focuses on genuine product innovations with harder…

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“Tastes of fired earth and wood”

Generally speaking the bigger the ‘food shot’ the less value can be added to the brand story, because the world is not short of good (or good-looking) products, and own-label can copy your pack before you can say ‘quattro formaggio’. I can’t believe there really is a guy whose name translates as ‘Jack Bakehouse’, but…

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Summer in a tub

Oasis Sorbet

In-mould labelling transforms packaging: from a piece of plastic with a label on top to a seamless, integrated, single object. The contrast is the same as that between a modern car and one with metal bumpers. How last century does that look? On the shelf impact front the technique also enlarges the visible area. This…

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Jan, Jan the pancake man

Dutch pancakes packages

In the Dutch market this must be the UK equivalent of a steak and kidney pie called John. Or a TV channel called Dave. With its brand story firmly rooted in the well-trodden path pioneered by innocent and Michel et Augustinto name but two, Jan has nonetheless managed a new twist. To me it’s the kids…

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