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Household products

Fairy Tales

Fairy Olympic Games 2012 Special Edition

In something of a contrast to its well-groomed stablemate above, Procter & Gamble’s Fairy brand seems a bit less assured of how to project its sponsorship of the Olympics. Here on one shelf we have several levels of enthusiasm, from ‘what Olympics?’ to a special edition Gold product with the trademark walking baby replaced by…

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Nice paint job

It must be nice to have an aisle all to yourself in store, and to be able to dictate the optimum shelf layout to allow consumers to find the right product. The new Dulux range design seizes this opportunity with great panache, offering a calm wall of exquisitely-coded packaging. The core colour range balances the…

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Which story do you see first?

Sad to admit it but I first noticed the typography, which I hereby award the ‘best use of drop shadow’ prize this month. Quite why those people are so intrigued by that feather I will leave to your imagination. The brand? That’s on the other side of the box, so I don’t expect they do…

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Did they forget to print it?

Tissues section in a supermarket

What does white code for on a pack? Purity? Elegance? Lightness? Naturalness? Economy? All of the above of course, depending on context. Here in tissueland Kleenex has long understood that the brand should be prominent on the shelf (to remind consumers of quality), but be invisible in the home (so the pack can blend in…

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Power of packaging

I like this simple example of the power of packaging structure, because I distinctly remember staring at these for minutes on end, to triple-check that they were actually the same product. The possibility of parting with north of seven quid for that cheap Own Label copy of proper lubricant on the right makes me shiver.…

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How do you like your science?

Detergent section on a supermarket shelf in Marrakech

The battle for laundry supremacy between Unilever and P&G is a familiar sight on supermarket shelves across the world. The latter certainly has the edge on harmonisation when it comes to naming, though Ariel’s molecular orbital derived symbol comes in several forms around the globe, suggesting different stories still need to be told. The appeal and…

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