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Personal care

Chance to shine

Chanel Chance Fragance Display at an airport

I’ve heard of Chanel, but beyond No. 5, Coco and I seem to remember there was once a No. 9, I know nothing about their brand portfolio. But now I know this one, thanks to a simply brilliant piece of travel retail design. Simply is the key word, with a single brand, a small range…

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Cosmetic language

We all recognise the power of the phrase ‘Laboratoires Garnier, Paris’, replete as it is with the semiotic power combo of Frenchness and science. Here in Singapore there are quite a lot of ‘L’apostrophe’ brands for the same reason, and in case you didn’t get it we’ll call this one ‘L’Action’ so you know it…

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In search of meaning

Several Fragrances on Shelf

It’s tough being a young man, having to work out who you really are whilst getting an education, a job, and a girlfriend, to name but three essentials of adult life (at least for someone attracted to a brand named ‘Straight’). Your fragrance of choice can help with several of these challenges, and whilst I…

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Circles and Squares

Here’s the best example in years of a brand rediscovering a highly recognisable and much-cherished brand asset. They didn’t have to look far, but they did need to understand what they were looking for. Half the world knows the original Nivea creme product in its simple round blue and white tin. Now every Nivea product…

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No more mister nice guy

Around the age of seven to eight a major neurological development takes place in the brains of children, and a new way of understanding the world is born: Nuance. After this point kids realise that the world is more complex than good or bad, right or wrong, and they see that people can say one…

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The shadow side

Ever wondered how many hours of work go into the design of a 3D film character? I’m not counting the character’s back story, voice-over or storyline, just making our favourite dude or dudette look unique, characterful and alive. Estimates vary, but start at a very big number indeed. Now stop the character from talking and…

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Scoring a winner

As a London 2012 Olympic partner and with a British diving champion as their ambassador, it was only natural that adidas created a special edition body care packaging to celebrate the games. These packs stood out to me because although they use the Union Jack, a second look reveals that the flag design simulates the…

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Using your head (and shoulders)

Procter and Gamble has done a great job of letting the world know about its corporate sponsorship of the games through numerous TV campaigns. Each commercial features a simple but elegant animation of the ‘medal’ sponsorship logo, so it makes sense to include this on packaging as well. But here on a special edition pack for…

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Olympic athletes start young

Pampers nappies Olympic Games Limited Edition

Procter & Gamble’s multi-faceted Olympic communication manages to include pretty much every consumer in the land, or at least all those for whom P&G make a product. ‘Thank You, Mum’ is a campaign fronted by its Olympic brand ambassador Paula Radcliffe, and as its title suggests it’s all about celebrating the role of mothers in family life.…

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