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Special edition packs

Trick or treat? How creative is Halloween packaging?

Different brands special edition packaging for Halloween

It’s that time of year again when brands and retailers show what horrible, creepy, disgusting ideas they’ve dreamed up to entertain us at Halloween. Well don’t expect any surprises. Witches, ghouls, skeletons, pumpkins and dismembered body parts are trending yet again, and just like every year food and drinks and their packaging will be employing…

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Travel accessories

It seems obvious in hindsight, but you’ve got to applaud the insight that Veuve Cliquot now mines with great panache, to distinguish its brand from dozens of other champagnes: Travellers love accessories. For besuited business blokes it’s a quick rummage in the electrical section, hoping to find yet another bargain camera or an iPhone charging…

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Explorers wanted

Johnnie Walker display at the airport simulating Louis Vuitton Luggage

Still on the theme of making people feel good about themselves (which is pretty much the whole point of brands anyway), Johnnie Walker has been working hard to encourage businessmen and women to see themselves as Explorers. Doesn’t that sound a whole lot better than ‘number-crunching knowledge worker catching the last flight home’? The Explorers’…

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Short story

Three Chase bottles in a Special gift box, which is a book with the Union Jack Flag

William Chase (of Tyrrell’s Crisps fame and fortune) has transformed himself from a potato farmer to a bastion of British good taste and style. His Union Jack bow-tied Vodka bottles stand out proudly on many a Travel Retail shelf, but here we have a suitably eccentric gift box of small (but not miniature) bottles. There’s…

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Olympic spirit

After seven years of planning, preparation and creation the London 2012 Olympics are finally upon us. Whilst the architecture and showmanship might not be quite up there with Beijing 2008, the project has redeveloped a neglected area of London’s eastern suburbs, and built excellent stadia for the event itself and future athlete training. Many Londoners…

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Scoring a winner

As a London 2012 Olympic partner and with a British diving champion as their ambassador, it was only natural that adidas created a special edition body care packaging to celebrate the games. These packs stood out to me because although they use the Union Jack, a second look reveals that the flag design simulates the…

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Gold, silver, chocolate

Cardbury Chocolate gold medal

Cadbury’s have gone the extra mile with its Olympic product and promotional activity, but one pack in particular stood out for me. When Cadbury’s Dairy Milk gave away a chocolate gold medal with a red, white and blue ribbon with their Easter egg earlier in the year it was a real winner, adding value in…

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Meet the mascots

Cardbury Olympic Games 2012 Special Edition

As a big chocolate fan I was pleased to see Cadbury as the official ‘treat sponsor’ for London 2012. The brand has used its sponsorship to bring out a number of different limited edition chocolate bars over a longer period than most, launching promotions such as ‘spots v stripes’ and ‘big race’ in 2011. A…

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All American

Olympics ‘Worldwide Partner’ Coca Cola have designed a double-sided can to support the USA Olympic Team in the London 2012 games. One side of the can has a simple typographic message stating its purpose, signed off with a neat sponsorship logo that integrates the Union Jack and Olympic rings with the coke bottle icon. The other…

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Using your head (and shoulders)

Procter and Gamble has done a great job of letting the world know about its corporate sponsorship of the games through numerous TV campaigns. Each commercial features a simple but elegant animation of the ‘medal’ sponsorship logo, so it makes sense to include this on packaging as well. But here on a special edition pack for…

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