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Divine taste?

One of food packaging’s most important jobs is to tempt the taste buds, but that doesn’t always mean showing us a saliva-inducing portrait of lunch. In fact the food shot means giving up a large amount of packaging real estate, so established brands rightly avoid it in favour of iconising the promise. For Philadelphia this…

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A lot less Goddess

Despite the beautifully in-mould labelled tubs, there’s not much branding support for these fancy prices. I guess Benecol looks sufficiently authoritative with its heart-health claim backed up by not one but two heart symbols, but next door what looks a bit like a logo actually reads simply ‘Village’. Last time I checked most village cheeses…

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Street party on the shelf

Jubilee packaging in Marks and Spencer and Jubilee Limited Edition Jar Of Marmite

Marks and Spencer is already perceived as a patriotic brand, and their jubilee packaging really plays up to this image. I was drawn in by some huge illustrations of stereotypical British characters in the shop window, and the same illustrations can also be seen on the packaging for some typical British ‘party food’. What I…

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Love it or love it more

Marmite jars on a supermarket shelf

About time I commented on the brand that inspired the blog masthead. An iconic pack shape and graphic design means the brand can play all kinds of games with its consumers, blissfully ignoring the people who don’t get it. Really pushing the envelope here with its ‘Extra Old’ version drawing on cognac design language, Marmite challenges its fans to…

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Decoration is craft

This big display of apricot jams reminded me of the lost art of lid design, which was also in evidence on mayonnaise, pasta sauces and numerous other categories. Yes the world-famous Bonne Maman gingham lid was here too, but I was charmed by these local patterns. The story (‘pre-industrialisation’) is the same, and it makes…

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Nutella and Friend

Nutella and Noikao (major brand) in a French Intermarché supermarket

Flattery doesn’t get much more sincere than this, to coin a phrase. Here in France the battle between Private Label and major brands is a fascinating one, played out at several levels. The Ivoria brand is one of many which have been created by supermarket chain Intermarché, whose ‘selection Mousquetaire’ endorsement is carefully placed to…

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