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Trust me, I’m healthy…

Trust me, I'm healthy…(2)

Graze nature delivered snack box design

The new packaging codes for snacks It’s well documented that modern lifestyles are changing the way we consume the nutrients we need. Many of us have switched from a regime of three proper meals a day to a situation where ‘grazing’ on several (smaller) meals and snacks is the norm. By 2011, the number of…

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Trust me, I'm healthy…on shelf

Thirty to forty years ago, young children snacked once a day, adults consumed coffee or tea between meals, and snacking was a very occasional event. Nowadays our busy lives have created an eating pattern often described by Nutritionists as ‘grazing’. Traditional meals are often skipped or eaten on the hoof, and we take in up…

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Trust me, I’m a Doctor

Dried Fruit and nuts on Shelf

Who said authority figures were dead? Clearly not here, where the world of medicine is evoked to claim some very high ground indeed. The original packaging looked very stern and severe and might as well have used a stethoscope as its brand symbol; but a 2012 redesign introduced the more approachable (and meaning-rich) apple symbol,…

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Sackfuls of credibility

Walkers Chips on Shelf

The world of snacks is hard to imagine without one of its original founders, the small bag of potato crisps (or chips to the rest of the world). Pepsico’s Walkers (Lay’s to the rest of the world) is the Coca-Cola of snacks, aiming for ‘omnipresence’ and prepared to innovate in every channel to get it.…

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Plainly not guilty

Marks & Spencer Healthy Snacks on Shelf - Trust me I'm Healthy Issue

Marks & Spencer know a thing or two about indulgence. Shopping for food there has always been about treating yourself just a little, with everything in store just a little bit more expensive, but sometimes a lot nicer. So don’t expect to see anything but enjoyment expressed in even the most responsible of snacks. This…

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Urban myths

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away. Even the Food Doctor, perhaps. But in these new skeptical times, how healthy is fruit anyway? Well, according to the proudly-named, fruits (in their natural, solid forms) are genuinely good for us, and can also help with weight management because of their high satiety index: ‘Because…

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Fruit made fun

Fruit Snacks on Shelf - Trust me I'm Healthy Issue

Here’s a target group that has permission, even a need, to snack: Kids. Mums (and 1% of Dads) fret a lot about finding the right kind of snacks to allow into the lunchbox. But after the 15th returned bag of apple slices, they tend to give up and look for something else ‘less bad’ than…

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Forget the fun

Healthy Juice on Shelf on Iceland - Trust me I'm Healthy Issue

Whilst we’re on fruit let’s digress from snacks just briefly to explore another design language associated with health. I often get these two brands mixed up, because (as far as I can tell) they have separately decided to use the same codes to stake their claim as the most serious, healthiest brand on the juice…

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Fresh from the farm

Healthy Yoghurt on the Netherlands Supermarket Shelf - Trust me I'm healthy Issue

If there’s a theme emerging from the blog so far, it’s a trend towards natural ingredients with minimal processing. Of course the p-word is never seen on packaging -even fruit Yo-Yos are ‘gently baked’. Milk and dairy products are already seen as intrinsically good and minimally processed, so they are well-placed to take advantage of…

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There’s dairy in there somewhere

Cheese Snacks on Shelf - Trust me I'm healthy Issue

From the first moment that your Mum makes you drink milk when you’d really rather have fizzy pop, dairy is seen by kids as pretty boring. Determined not to be tarred with the same brush, cheese has reinvented itself for younger consumers by becoming something they can play with. The packaging has the challenge of…

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