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Water & Soft drinks

5 golden rules for soft drinks branding

Coco Face bottles

Naturally I assume that your product is great tasting, offers something new and interesting for a specific consumer, and keeps its promises. But wait…. is that enough? Creating top-drawer branding and packaging for any new drink has never been so challenging. You’ll want your product to fly off the shelf – that’s a given. But long…

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Forget the fun

Healthy Juice on Shelf on Iceland - Trust me I'm Healthy Issue

Whilst we’re on fruit let’s digress from snacks just briefly to explore another design language associated with health. I often get these two brands mixed up, because (as far as I can tell) they have separately decided to use the same codes to stake their claim as the most serious, healthiest brand on the juice…

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Take me to paradise

Ok the ‘paradise’ is a bit cartoon-like, but there’s no doubt that VitaCoco’s rapid rise to become the icon of a new healthy drink sector has a lot to do with its simple and iconic desert island scene, and the insight to go for a green coconut as its symbol (it’s fresher than the brown…

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Missed app-ortunity?

Having given Lipton the idea of adding the sun as a sign of vitality (over 12 years ago), David is delighted to see his thinking still very much alive in the latest manifestation of this global brand identity. In many ways this design is simply following Coke and Pepsi away from the now outdated language…

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Gothic expressionism

In a healthy society it’s normal for youth to reject the codes of older generations and create its own. Codes that deliberately alienate parents and are even faintly threatening, but which unite the tribe itself and empathise with its emotional needs. Red Bull once symbolised rebellion against ‘soft’ drinks and still retains a ‘Top Gear’…

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Memories of Home

Feeding and fueling the Expats is high on the list for Singapore supermarkets, at least those in the business district. The Expats are many and varied, so the shelves are filled with lots of brands from ‘home’, and that could be anywhere from Japan to Scotland. French and Italian brands show up quite a lot…

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Don’t worry… be happy

Coca Cola Advertising Corner in a Greek Supermarket

I read recently that one of Coca Cola’s defining values is that it’s always there for you in a time of crisis. At a corporate level, when natural disasters strike Coca Cola bottlers stop production of everything but water, and distribute that for free. A financial crisis might not seem so disastrous, but people are…

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Hand squeezed in black and white

Oranges really do grow on trees in Cyprus, a fact that is evident in gardens and even in many tree-lined streets. In that context I found it interesting that the packaging seems far more contrived than in Northern Europe, where we tend to prefer the stripped-down natural look. I guess Mediterraneans need a good reason…

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Energy – it’s in the blood

Energy Drinks Greek Supermarket

The energy drink category often finds its metaphors and symbolism in the untamed power and strength of frightening animals, Red Bull being the original reference and the one to ‘beat’. Good luck with that. To avoid this confrontation brands like Monster take a different tack, implying that some sort of supernatural blood transfusion lies at…

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No cheeky preservatives

Pret Coconut Water on Shelf

With the buzz around coconut water at the moment it’s no surprise that every retailer wants to get in on the action. It seems that Pret’s ‘funny ingredient stories’ design system was just made for this one! But can anyone tell me what his eyes are made of…?

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