Feb 11, 2011

Clash of the friendly monsters

I’m quietly impressed with innocent’s continual fine‐tuning of its brand story to attract new consumers, including the holy grail of kids and their lunchboxes.

Their wide‐eyed saintly blob is joined by the obligatory gang of fruity characters, whose online activities and choice of freebies strike a good balance between healthy fun and (buzzword approaching) edutainment.

The packaging also obeys the new design orthodoxy of kids products (less ink = fewer additives), whilst keeping the fun stakes high.

Meanwhile over at Pepsico’s planet lunch, the smart idea of combining nutritionally better-for‐ them drinks and snacks also tweaked its packaging: The monsters get a high‐gloss 3D look, and the pack inside reveals itself on the box ‐ in case you didn’t know what squeezable fruit looks like.

Despite the extra‐terrestrial online playground, I’m not sure if kids or mums are warming to this one‐stop shop concept. Still on test market in Sainsbury’s, at least they’re learning by doing.