Anyone who’s ever fed a baby knows that it’s not as straightforward as it should be. Despite the fact that the little cutie is clearly hungry, and the meal you’ve prepared (or possibly just heated up) tastes fine to you, success is far from assured.

As a result we engage in elaborate feeding games in which (for example) the spoon becomes a train, which must deposit its cargo in the ‘tunnel’ that is baby’s (firmly closed) mouth. Half an hour, and a splattered plate/bib/kitchen floor later, your mission is accomplished.

Fast forward a few years and your small child still needs feeding well, but he or she may well have decided that a diet of chocolate ice cream and Skittles is just fine. Healthier foods need a bit of help to create some interest, and their basic strategy is very straightforward: draw a face on it.

This is unlikely to differentiate your brand but simply indicates that you’re in the game. After that, Mum will take a good look at the claims, weigh up the provenance of the brand names, check the price, and decide. Here Munch Bunch has a nice milky atmosphere complete with smiling cow, and it’s good to see Sally Strawberry, Rozzy Raspberry and friends making a return. They had books written about them when I was a kid, but we didn’t have Pixar then…