Staying in the fresh aisle but moving two thousand miles North East, who wouldn’t be tempted by these juicy steaks of trout and salmon? Assuming that the product’s going to look this good anyway, what’s the job of the brand here? Surely to make me choose the most convincing and reassuring story of freshness, origin, quality and sustainability. That’s a lot of story, so I’m going to need the messages in some semblance of order.

You don’t need to read Russian to see that’s not happening here. Meridian has some perfectly good elements on its pack, but they seem to be waiting for someone to re-arrange them into the right hierarchy: Brand, product, claim/benefits and reasons to believe. Pipe-smoking Mr Gustafsen is slightly more organised, but with every scrap of imagery sourced from clip art or powerpoint I’m not inclined to believe anything he says.

Great looking fish, now please give me a hook.