Jan 4, 2012

Glass and metal

Those tried and trusted metaphors of crisp, clean taste (condensation and chrome) are present in spades on this new Grolsch pack from the Dutch market.

Both these packs also offer some structural innovations for ever more convenient storage and retrieval. ‘Fridge pack’ and ‘Mini Crate’ are fairly prosaic descriptions, but a ‘Cool meter’ on each can sounds like it might be worth talking about down the pub, a clever trick for a drink at home innovation.

The balance between this ‘new news’ and the branding is very different on these two executions, and for me (grey) synergy is just about beating (red) interruption, bearing in mind that when spending close to €10 we can assume some level of engagement.

Takeout: Promotional messages should be part of any brand’s identity system, not reinvented every time there’s a new offer.