Jun 28, 2011

Got any juicy stories?

Branding is storytelling, no more, no less, and the happy ending comes when consumers (unconsciously) say to themselves: “Yes, I buy this brand because it makes me feel….. (insert relevant emotional benefit here)”.

The beautiful new oval carton from Joker is a bit wasted when it has no story to tell.

Ocean Spray is the brand authority on cranberries because it represents growers.  This story is getting more space on the (back of) pack but it still leaves itself open to copycat designs.

‘Locally produced’ is a popular story right now, and is well told with very high standout by the Pressade pack. But it’s not really a brand story.

So my vote goes to Pago, with its characteristic dark green glass bottle perfectly imitated in PET, and its sunny logo sitting confidently on a simple backdrop of calm yellow. I’m drinking sunshine, what’s your story?