As well as brewing the national beer Keo is also a major winemaker and distiller, so you can ‘be happy and drink well’ in a wide assortment of ways.

Here at Duty Free I spotted a couple of attractive labels for two local favourites, Zivania (distilled from wine and grape stems, seeds and skins) and Ouzo (alcohol infused with aniseed and other spices). Both use the same bottle, but colour coding and label shape help to disguise this economy of scale. Just.

Whilst neat and tidy the Zivania label hardly tempts me into its world, but in contrast I’m intrigued by the storm-tossed ship scene of the Ouzo. According to their website, ‘KEO has introduced on the new label, artwork from the Cypriot engraver Hambis’ work: “The Prince of Venice”.

Elements such as the deep blue sea, the wind, the waves, and the boat, decorate the label and perfectly reflect the image and values of the brand’. It doesn’t mention what this image might be, but I’m already making up a story of a simple pleasure enjoyed since the days when the state of Venice ruled the Eastern Mediterranean…